Need Me to Interpret an EKG For You?

Need me to interpret an EKG for you? I offer packages for interpreting a single EKG, 3 EKGs, or 6 EKGs. If you would like interpretation and discussion of those EKGs I also offer packages as well. You will receive your EKG interpretation within 24 hours of emailing your EKG(s) to or texting your EKG(s) to 972-861-0479. Please make sure EKG submissions are legible! Payment must be submitted at the time of EKG(s) submission. You may pay for services on this page. If your service includes discussion of EKG interpretations you can book your time at

For those booking EKG and discussion services, please book one of my 30 or 60 minute time slots, but the discussions are a max of 10 minutes per EKG.

See you in session!