Welcome to my β€œclassroom.” Here you will find the courses that will help you diagnose and manage the most common cardiology conditions!

All of my courses combine evidence-based practice with practical solutions that help you grow skillfully.

I have the unique ability to simplify complex information which helps you build knowledge and confidence. My teaching style is engaging and allows reflection, while creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for you to learn. My ability to marry evidence-based practice and practical real-world situations allows learners to evolve within their practice.

EKG Bundle -
Anatomy of EKG, EKG 100, EKG 101, EKG 102, EKG 103

Get my complete EKG course bundle and save 10%! Build confidence in your EKG skills. No longer second guess yourself!, ....

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Anatomy of an EKG – Intro
to EKG Interpretation

Build confidence in your EKG interpretation skills. Learn how to identify a normal EKG, .... further investigation and workup.

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EKG 100 – EKG Basics

No longer second guess yourself! Perfect the system of interpreting an EKG and eliminate the fear...

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EKG 101 – Blocks,
Part I

Learn to interpret three important conditions that will affect your plan of care and prevent missed...

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EKG 102 – Blocks,
Part II

Provide proper care to your patients with further diagnostic skills. New fascicular blocks, or the ...

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EKG 103 – Old
Myocardial infarctions

Discovering an old myocardial infarction warrants further testing to identify damage and ...

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EKG 104 – Anything
but Sinus Rhythm

It seems as though most rhythms are inherently sinus, but what happens if you come across a non-...

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Cholesterol management is a pillar of patient care to prevent long term complications and poor ...

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Approximately half of all adults in the United States have been diagnosed with hypertension, and...

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Need an EKG Interpreted? | Get Dr. G the NP to Interpret Your EKG!

Leave it up to me to simplify complex information so you can build knowledge and confidence.

My courses will:

  • Demystify EKG readings
  • Simplify interpretation
  • Show you what to look for
  • Define normal and abnormal conditions
  • Provide you with tips and tools for accurate diagnosis

Live Courses

Join this safe and welcoming place to learn.

Each of my online courses includes a live, interactive session where I will present learning content, discuss special situations and challenges, present real-world case studies, and answer your questions.

In addition, you receive:

  • Downloadable course materials

On-demand Courses

The ultimate in content and convenience!

You can access the same content from my online courses anytime you want it.

You’ll receive:

  • 24/7 access to course materials
  • Downloadable recordings of the class
  • Downloadable course materials