About Us


Dr. G the NP, LLC is owned by husband-and-wife team Preston Goodlow and Dr. Tranise Goodlow.



While transitioning from nurse-to-nurse practitioner, Dr. G realized there was a missing element in gaining knowledge and experience to confidently treat patients.

Many times employers expect complete autonomy from a new graduate nurse practitioner, therefore little to no resources are provided.

There are nurse practitioner residency programs, however, these are not widely available and typically accept a limited number of candidates.

Being a new provider is an overwhelming and stressful experience, and often times comes with a lack of direction in that transition.



Additionally, while reflecting on being a new graduate nurse and serving as a preceptor, Dr. G also noticed novice nurses also require a nurturing and supportive environment.

Many lessons are learned by experience, but she hypothesized how sharing lessons from her career could help the next generation of nurses strengthen their practice.



This inspired the creation of Dr. G the NP, with the purpose of developing a platform in which Dr. G could share knowledge and pearls to help guide colleagues and the next generation of nurses.



Each lecture is personally developed and presented live by Dr. G. Content for nurse practitioners focuses on specific disease processes and interventions with evidence-based research to obtain best patient outcomes and provider independence; material for nurses focuses on mentorship and support through maneuvering topics important for professional growth.