EKG 104
– Anything but Sinus Rhythm

It seems as though most rhythms are inherently sinus, but what happens if you come across a non-sinus rhythm? Some abnormal rhythms may change a patient’s plan of care, including the need for anticoagulation. Other non-sinus rhythms do not warrant any further intervention. Being aware of the distinctions is important to your next plan of action: refer to cardiology or not?

EKG 104 focuses on the proper interpretation of EKGs that may not be sinus or may have sinus rhythm with another rhythm also present. The biggest key to non-sinus rhythms after interpretation is identifying and discussing potential interventions. This course will also include the identification of ectopic beats. Foundational EKG skills mastered in the previous courses of Anatomy of an EKG, and EKG 100, 101, 102,and 103are recommended prerequisites.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Identify non-sinus rhythms in conjunction with cardiac anatomy and the cardiac conduction system.
  • Identification and discussion of ectopy beats, junctional rhythms, aberrant conduction, atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, and paced rhythms.
  • Discussion of interventions in non-sinus rhythms, if any.
  • Reinforce concepts taught in the previous course(s).


This course is suitable for: