EKG 103
– Old Myocardial infarctions

Discovering an old myocardial infarction warrants further testing to identify damage and appropriate treatment. Know the next steps to take, what additional tests to order, and when to make a cardiology referral.

EKG 103 continues to advance participant’s EKG interpretation skills. Anatomy of an EKG, as well as EKG 100, EKG 101, and EKG 102 are all recommended prerequisites prior to taking EKG 103. This course focuses on identification of old myocardial infarctions on EKGs. These skills specifically include identifying Q waves and poor R wave progression. Ectopic beats will also be discussed in this course.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Identify old myocardial infarctions in specific leads and in conjunction with cardiac anatomy.
  • Understand the importance of R wave progression and its role in old myocardial infarctions.
  • Identification of 1st-degree AV blocks and p-mitrale.

This course is suitable for: