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Each class includes a small and intimate setting to individualize, maximize, and facilitate learning. Participant packets with evidence base tips and guides are provided in the Hypertension and Cholesterol Management courses, and in the EKG courses participants are given each EKG that will be reviewed in the session.
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Here's What Previous Students Had To Say:

Alesha Simmons

Dr. G is very thorough and knowledgeable! Great course.

Gen Nice

Dr. G is a wonderful teacher.She is interactive and do not ridiculed you if you don't understand. She express passion in her work and Is very detail in her lectures she will go over the materials so you can understand. I highly recommend anyone who is willing to learn about cardiology to take her class. Thanks Dr. G. I can't wait to take her next class.

Lisa Nicole

Dr. G does an amazing job of breaking down the topic content so that it is easy to understand and apply, all while making a “comfortable/safe” learning environment that is interactive and encouraging! I’m very impressed and will be attending more classes soon!!

Kiki Docken

Dr. G is amazing at knowing how to deliver concepts that you may have found difficult, into concrete knowledge, strengthening your foundation. She shows you how to take evidence based practice guidelines and apply it clinically to real world practice. She makes information memorable so you are not relying on pulling out algorithms all the time and you understand the “why”. You will leave knowing exactly where the research came from with each best practice presented. Some people have a gift to teach, and she has that gift with along with a heart of gold to help you become successful. I can’t wait to take more courses that she plans to offer.

Cilantay Wilson

I did HTN management with Dr.G and it was amazing! We literally discussed one of my patients and how I could better manage her htn/ better regimen. The setting was engaging yet intimate so you could get that 1 on 1 attention! She’s knowledgeable and you can tell she loves what she does. Highly recommend her!

Sarah Lim

I took Dr. G’s hypertension and cholesterol courses over the weekend. I love every minute of it! She’s very knowledgeable. She has a very interactive approach. I learned a lot in her 90 min session compared to reading a book or slides. She’s a very compassionate provider and educator. She’s also very resourceful. I work in endocrine and was very helpful in areas where I could broaden my knowledge in other specialties.

Ysemonique Ferrier

I attended the hypertension lecture this evening, very informative. Dr. G is very compassionate and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal of information about managing hypertension. Knowledge is power. Please do not hesitate to sign up for one of her lectures. I promise you will gain knowledge from her lecture. Her teaching style is impeccable. Dr. G, thank you for sharing your knowledge!


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Evidence-Based Lecture

Content for nurses and nurse practitioners focusing on specific disease processes and interventions with evidence-based research to obtain best patient outcomes and provider independence. 

Case Studies & Research

Dr. G has the unique ability to simplify complex information which allows colleagues to build knowledge and confidence. Dr. G’s teaching style is engaging and allows reflection, while creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for learners. 

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Get More Answers

  1. Who are these lectures for?
    Dr. G's lectures are for nurses or nurse practitioners looking to further their knowledge and advance their practice.
  2. How do I access the live lecture after purchase?
    You will be provided the lecture information packet and Zoom link within 24 hours of purchase.
  3. How long is the lecture?
    The Anatomy of an EKG course is approximately 45 to 60 minutes in duration. All other lecture topics vary between 90 and 120 minutes in length.
  4. How do I access recorded lectures?
    Recorded lectures are available for purchase and can be viewed via our online portal. Customers may login at any time to view these lectures. These lectures are available immediately after purchase. Please visit this link to access pre recorded lectures: Customer Login
  5. What if I have not received access to the lecture after purchase?
    Your booking confirmation can be resent to you upon request. Please contact us directly to address this issue.
  6. Is this purchase refundable?
    Lectures and courses purchases are non-refundable due to privacy policy. So, please make sure to purchase the right course for your needs. Contact us if unsure.
  7. What if I am running late to a lecture?
    If you are the only attendee of a live session (either group or individual session), Dr. G will allow a 15 minute grace period for attendance of lectures. However, the lecture will likely not get completed as lecture end times will not be extended for tardee attendees. If an attendee is not present within 15 minutes of the scheduled lecture time beginning the session will be canceled. Refunds will not be issued for late/no-show attendees.

    If you are late for a group session you will be permitted to join at any time, but the lecture information that has already been taught will not be re-taught. You can, however, book an individual session with Dr. G to cover any material that was missed. Please follow this link to book your individual session: Individual One-On-One Session.

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Each lecture is personally developed and presented live by Dr. G. Her content for nurses and nurse practitioners focuses on specific disease processes and interventions with evidence-based research to obtain best patient outcomes and provider independence. 

Click below to check out for each available/upcoming course's description, and if you are still unsure, please contact us directly through our live chat. 

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